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TEDxThess 2012


This year's TEDxThess was amazing. It was better than last year's, and last year's was awesome too, which makes this year's AWESOMAZING


Rebranding Greece


I loved Peter Economides speech at 11th "Aristotelis" Congress of EEDE in Thessaloniki. Can it be done? Hope dies last, right?


thessaloniki.rb drinkup #2


Yesterday we did our third drinkup. So far, this group, does two kinds of events: meetups and drinkups.




Thessaloniki finally got a new Ruby meetup group that will try to come together once a month and throw presentations on interesting Ruby related (and not) topics.


How to make git diff work with vimdiff


If you are working like me, you use git through the terminal. Sometimes it's real good to be able to check the differences between changed files, side by side. I did that using vimdiff


How to show generated SQL by ActiveRecord in Rails console


There are times when we want to see the SQL ActiveRecord generates. We can do it easily by issuing the following statement as soon as we run script/console:

ActiveRecord::Base.logger =

Now each time we issue an ActiveRecord statement, we'll get the SQL first.


Video: Work Life Balance is an Ongoing Battle


QUOTE: "Nigel Marsh is the bestselling author of "Fat, Forty and Fired" and "Overworked and Underlaid" and the Regional Group CEO of Young and Rubicam Brands for Australia & New Zealand. Finding the balance between work and life is an ongoing battle."


Be a goat and don't get bitten


My good friend Dimitros has created this nice, little, simple game. You are a goat trying to avoid getting bitten by a flying thing. Go and play and beat my score!


Business Time video


Business Time from Casey Donahue on Vimeo.

We must remember. First and foremost Vimeo is a business.


Welcome to my new site


My old site stopped working because my hosting provider decided it was time to stop offering a free Wordpress account. I could easily transfer my site to or even to another hosting provider by installing Wordpress myself. I decided creating my site using Ruby on Rails instead.


People don't buy what you do they buy why you do it


I really liked the following TED speech by Simon Sinek:


MySQL gem doesn't work after upgrading Ubuntu


I upgraded Ubuntu 9.10 to 10.04. Everything was cool. I tried to work on a Rails project I am involved by issuing the command rake db:migrate to update the database.


The psychology of instant messaging


We are using instant messaging a lot (IM). Our team is working remotely and IM helps us communicate. I have realized that communicating using IM can be rather difficult sometimes. One of the reasons is the lack of visual contact. The two (or more) chatting parties cannot show their body language.


How to enable VCS infromation in zsh


If you are using zsh as your terminal in Ubuntu, you can use a built in feature to display version control information at the prompt.


Daily scrum meeting for remote teams


As a remote team with dispersed team members, we need to find ways to stay connected, motivated and committed. We thought of borrowing something from Scrum and try it out. It's the Daily Scrum Meeting or Daily Stand Up and we have decided to try it for 30 days and see if we like it or not.


PAbarcode gem


In a previous post I mentioned that I started maintaining a set of helper Ruby classes for working with barcodes. I have changed the structure of the project to make it a gem and I have published it on GemCutter.


Ruby helper classes for barcodes


In my day job, I work a lot with barcodes. We develop Windows Mobile software for devices with barcode readers. From time to time, I need to do file manipulation chores. That is: colleagues give me text files that contain barcodes and ask me to transform these.


Blog Action Day: Working remotely helps pollute less


If you follow me, you know by now that me and my team (4 people in total) started working remotely. I was wondering what to write for Blog Action Day. I decided it would be cool if I could calculate some numbers that showed how we affect our environment in a positive way.


Rails: url vs path


I was wondering why some people are using _path and why some use _url. For example, if you have a Post resource you can write the following in your view




Volunteering to non-profit organizations or to open source software projects is my an activity I really enjoy and I think gives me a lot of things


A typical workflow for a team using Git


Lets assume you are in a team, working on a Rails project and you have chosen Git as your version control system. One way to complete a working cycle from pull to push is:

DISCLAIMER: There are more ways and many situations that are not described here. This is only a note to self that may also be useful to you.


Git log


When I am working with git, I find it useful to take a quick look at the log. The default git log command doesn't show the actual modified/added/deleted files. You can use some switches to make the output more useful.


Working remotely


It all started in the early days of 2009. I was pressed by management to improve our team's productivity. We are a team of 4 programmers with me as a leader. I identified some factors that in my opinion influenced our productivity and I reckoned working remotely could eliminate them. As a result we could increase our productivity.